To bring together engaging, thoughtful and upstanding business people, and with our talents, support each other and those in the community. To promote ethics, honesty, and responsibility in the projects we undertake.


This group began when 2 individuals met to explore bringing fellow business people together through networking. The group initially started down the path of becoming a professional business networking group. As we went down this road, we realized it was too structured in business only. At that time one of our members suggested a good friend of his could join us at a meeting and explain a little about rotary. We liked the idea of being more service oriented and less strict as far as business rules, but still promoting our business to others, with confidence, since we know what type of person we are referring. It is with these thoughts and ideas that we formed the Greater Harrison Rotary Club.

Weekly Meeting

Thursday mornings
7:30 AM

(Evening on 5th Thursdays)
Harrison Family Restaurant
10933 New Haven Rd
Harrison, OH 45030
(513) 202-0123

Contact Info

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Greater Harrison Rotary
1012 Harrison Ave, Ste #1
Harrison, OH 45030

Phone: (513) 620-4470